Thursday, May 25, 2017

Schrack Farms - Loganton, PA

Our last stop on our Historical Perspectives on Occupational Safety and Health Tour was Schrack Farms, in Loganton, PA.  They are a dairy farm with over 1,000 head of cattle.  We were met by Jim Harbach, the owner of the farm. Jim is a 7th generation farmer of Schrack Farms.

Jim gave an great overview of the issues farmers face at work, as well as the operation he runs at his farm.  We saw the milking operations and where the cows "hang out" and eat.  The farm produces milk for many suppliers that ends up in our grocery stores.  Jim discussed the issue of soil conservation and "no tilling" to ensure the soil has proper nutrients and reduces run off.  Schrack Farms runs a methane recovery operation that provides energy for the farm, and produces enough energy to supply energy back into the grid.   And we got to hang out with the cows.  A very interesting tour!