Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hudson River PCB Cleanup

Day 5 - The last day of the tour we focused on hazardous waste cleanup. Dave King, Director of the EPA Hudson River Field Office, gave a terrific overview of the PCB cleanup operations that are being conducted. He described what has taken place to date in Phase I, and how Phase II will incorporate the lessons learned. The Hudson River PCB Cleanup is the longest hazardous waste site in the country, starting in Hudson Falls and ending at Battery Park in NYC. Dredging of PCB will primarily be conducted in the 12 miles from Hudson Falls, south. After the presentation at the EPA Field Office, we visited the waste water treatment facility. We were provided with a nice overview of the operations. The cleanup is between phase I and II, so no dredging is taking place at this point.

After we left EPA, we headed back home.

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