Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Granite (and some Ice Cream)

Day 3 – Today we started the day at the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry in Barre, VT. Rock of Ages owns several quarries, and processes granite into artisan quality grave markers and precision rollers. We went to the quarry and were able to see the enormity of how much granite is in this quarry. It is the largest deep dimension quarry in the world, and if mined at the current rate (and if the technology were available) there would be enough granite left for over 400 years. Granite is very heavy, weighing in at 166.7 pounds per cubic foot. We then visited the processing facility where the grave markers were engraved, and formed.

After Rock of Ages, we went to Hope Cemetery. This cemetery was opened to showcase the Barre VT artisans work. Many of the grave markers are so elaborate, and are enormous. One person buried here was instrumental in getting legislation passed that required ventilation for when working in granite sheds. He died in 1937.

After lunch, we visited Ben and Jerry’s factory. Some students went on the Factory Tour, others just ate ice cream. Now we are on our way to Thetford Mines, Quebec.