Friday, May 25, 2012

ERC Tour 2012 - Hope Cemetery Pictures

Below are some pictures from Hope Cemetery in Barre, VT. The monuments are extraordinary.


Jen said...

Thank you, Mitch, for another amazing trip! This is my second ERC tour and although we visited a few of the same sites as my previous tour, I gained new knowledge (and observed new hazards) beyond the previous trip. It is so interesting that depending who you are speaking with, they may have different biases as to what health and safety information they disclose. It was also an invaluable opportunity to meet other occupational safety and health students and professionals. This field is highly interdisciplinary and being able learn how to work with others from the various disciplines from the beginning of our careers is something I never dreamed I'd be exposed to at this level. Thank you so much to NIOSH and the ERC for making this possible!

Sadie Sanchez said...

I have a whole new outlook on death and burial after the tour of this cemetery. I am not sure whether these people are innovative or insane when designing these headstones.

However, what I do know, is the craftmanship is superb and the quality and stability of the stone attests to the quality of the artists and quarry workers!

Sadie Sanchez said...

P.S. Still thinking about memorializing myself with a high heel tombstone! :)