Monday, June 9, 2014

Rock of Ages and Hope Cemetery, Barre, VT

We visited Rock of Ages Granite Quarry in Barre, VT (  We learned about the hazards faced by Quarry and mill workers.  We visited the quarry and looked at the type of operations taking place.  The quarry is 600 feet deep. This year the was bottom was filled with water (a brilliant green). They are working at the top of the quarry, so they do not need to pump out water. The quarry is working to create a “drive in” quarry that will reduce the need to hoist the granite out, and reduce operating costs. In the mill, you see the work of the artisans creating beautiful monuments.  Thanks to our tour guide John, and to Todd, the director of operations.

After Rock of Ages, we went to Hope Cemetery.  Here you will see some of the most unbelievable grave markers, mausoleums, and other memorial monuments.  Hope Cemetery is like a museum showing the talent of the sculptors.

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ptabbot said...

Great photos, Mitch! Safe travels to you and your group.