Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sappi Paper, Skowhegan, ME

Our visit to Sappi Paper showed us the process to make high end paper products, used in magazines, annual reports, and other high end uses.  Skip Pratt, the Industrial Hygienist at Sappi, gave us on overview of the process to make paper, the safety controls in place, and the management systems to ensure worker safety and health.

After viewing a safety video required of all visitor to Sappi and an overview presentation by Skip, we walked the floor of the paper mill.  We wore hearing protection and safety glasses. The noise level around the massive machines was about 90 dB.  The temperature was about 90°F.  Sappi has an extensive safety protocol system in place, including lock out/tag out, confined space entry, process safety management, and others.

It was great to visit Sappi, and thanks to Skip for the tour.

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jem said...

Sounds like it was warm inside the plant?