Sunday, June 5, 2016

Boots Cotton Mills Museum - Lowell, MA

Today we left for the tour, heading to Lowell, Massachusetts, to visit the Boott Cotton Mill Museum and Mill Girls Exhibit.  The Boott Cotton Mill Museum showcases the looms used for over 100 years to weave fabric.  We were able to hear how loud the looms are, even though only a few were operating.  It is hard to imagine what it would have sounded like with all the looms in operation.  The museum has exhibits on different types of machinery, including the looms and carding machines.  Workers were frequently injured, including lacerations and amputations.  We then visited the Mill Girls Boarding House.  This is where the girls who worked in the mills lived while working in the mills.

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Anonymous said...

Looks good, off to a strong start. A lot of WSH and labor history in those mill towns near Lowell. Sorry I'm missing the bus trip this year. Enjoy.

Rich Mendelson