Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sappi Paper - Skohegan, ME

I started the day very early, and watched the sun rise over Casco Bay. It was a beautiful start of the day.  We travelled 89 north miles to Skowhegan, ME to visit the SAPPI Paper Mill.  This is our 3rd visit to SAPPI, and they have been great hosts. 

After a safety briefing and presentation on the overall operations of the plant, we started the tour of the paper mill.  Much of the operations are mechanized, and controlled by computers.  We are able to walk along the process to see how paper is made, concluding with the large (30 ton) rolls of high quality paper.  We then saw how the rolls are cut to size for specific orders, and are packaged for distribution.

I am very appreciative of Skip Pratt, the Safety and Industrial Hygiene Manager at Sappi for giving us a great tour.

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