Monday, June 11, 2018

Fishing safety and health, Rockland, Maine

Portland, ME and Rockland, ME
Today started with a little adversity.  Our day began with a change of plans.  The facility in Portland where we were planning to conduct our immersion suits training became unexpectedly unavailable.  So we went to our first stop at the Portland Fish Exchange. However, due to several illnesses at the Fish Exchange our guide was not available to host us.  So, after identifying several viable options, we travelled to Coast Guard Station Rockland, ME.  We were able to conduct our immersion suit training, where we all were able to jump into the water, and see the effectiveness and importance of the suits for fishers.  We then went out on the Maine Marine Patrol boat to see how lobster traps are set and pulled.  We experienced the health and safety issues lobster fishers face, including noise, ergonomics, and others.  I am grateful to the US Coast Guard Station in Rockland and to the Maine Marine Patrol for hosting us, especially with some major changes to our schedule.  An awesome day!

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