Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Huhtamaki, Chinet, and Paper Trays

Today we visited Huhtamaki, Inc.  a 100 year old company that makes paper products.  One of the major lines they create is the Chinet brand paper plates.  The Chinet website  https://www.mychinet.com/about-us, says "the Chinet brand is made by Huhtamaki. While we’ve enjoyed being the go-to entertaining choice for many generations, we’re always looking forward. We’re working to continue to bring you the kind of innovative products everyone wants to gather around."  Huhtamaki also makes paper trays, tray/cup holders, and other products that are used in schools, ball parks, and other places.  It was very interesting to see how these products are made, from the scrap paper used to make pulp to the pressing and drying of the products.

We also had a presentation from an occupational physician from MaineGeneral, who spoke about the health and wellness initiatives they are implementing at Huhtamaki and other workplaces across Maine.  

A big thanks to John Perry and the staff at Huhtamaki for hosting us today, and Dr. Kenji Saito for his presentation.

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